Who is Dubois Rene?

This is just a short excerpt for the about page.


Creative Director/Stylist Dubois Rene began this blog with the sole intent to host his freelance work as an artist. As a child, growing up in the heart of New Orleans,Louisiana he learned the importance of his heritage & tradition in one of the Souths most celebrated cities. His connection to the arts were prominent, with creating poetry, stage plays, writing songs and short films in creative scholars programs over the summer.

As an adult, he resided in Atlanta, Georgia were he collaborated with other respected artist in the entertainment industry. Dubois found a connection in fashion through modeling, wardrobe styling and conceptualizing photoshoots for himself as well as other aspiring talent.

His experience later evolved with magazine print work, assisting celebrity stylist, and working as a fashion editor for digital publications from 2006-2013. After taking a break for a few years to get inspired,Dubois moved to Los Angeles, California to find purpose in all his experiences.

In 2015, he reignited his love for studying fashion editorials and drawing up visual concepts. He constructed impromptu photo shoots daily to develop a sharper eye to details and hone his skill of directing. This blog represents that passion. Artistic bodies of work in hopes to inspire all to not only consume, but to always create.